The faces are strikingly bold and instantly recognisable. Commonly using no more than three colours and often just one, sometimes with accompanying slogans such as “soul instead of gold” and “stay human”, Anna Laurini’s artwork is prolific on the streets of London.

Anna paints her ‘faces’ in view of the public throughout the city, often on temporary surfaces such as construction site boarding. The distinctive style manages to cut through the noise of other street art and corporate advertising.

Whilst the street is many people’s first taste of Anna’s work, she is first and foremost a ‘traditional’ artist, hosting exhibitions and selling canvases on the Saatchi website. Originally from Milan, Anna has lived and painted between London and New York for the last 15 years. It is only in the last 3 years that she has began painting on the streets.

I had the privilege of accompanying Anna on several occasions, while painting on the street, in the studio and also to her latest exhibition. This photo essay came about through trying to answer what drives Anna to paint on the streets, looking at her technique and her work on canvas, and the juxtaposition between street and gallery.